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Dec 5, 2013 6:00am EST
they be regulated and taxed like a regular taxi commission? number was from leaked documents so it is not confirmed, but it is also a top line revenue number. you have to figure out what their cut is and how it slows down. the $20 million a week is hard to gauge. but the company is clearly making a lot of money and has done extraordinary things. ou and view this as peer to peer sharing, but i also view it ke lifestyle.i a whole generation of people are leaving college and coming into the job market and they are viewing their world and they are saying, hey, i don't actually need to own the assets my parents owned. i don't necessarily need to own an apartment. i can rent. i know people are moving from place to lace. -- place to place. same thing with uber. and same thing with bitcoin. the economy is being restructured and at this point it is hard to discern exactly what the role of government should be. government risk of overreaching -- look, i was on the stand against iker soft in the antitrust case and it is one of the things in my career that i regret because i think it was an attempt to overreac
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
damages for reduce property taxes and the cost of maintaining foreclosed homes. commodities have been much in the pictures. look at gold, all over the place. mining companies are reacting to the challenges of slashing costs and delaying capital investment. alix steel is here looking at commodities. she knows how to pronounce vale. >> they are the biggest i am producer in the world. that is used to make steel, which is made and everything. what other companies are doing, trimming investments for a third year, selling assets including $10 million of it cold unit. doingo said they were that, trying to trim the fat down. >> everybody else does it. brazil?unique to >> they are based in brazil so the question happens to what is going to happen to brazil's credit-rating? has indit default market trading as if they are linked. swap prices have been rising as a threat of a possible downgrade in brazil. >> you are good at this, link this to the blood we have seen in gold this week. there is a commodities silver cycle, there is a debate along broad come -- along broad movement on commodity pr ices. o
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am EST
fees, things like that. but no mage deer sigses here on taxes or entitlement programs. they're kicking the can down the road. dick doiben the number two senate democrat said negotiations are going in the right direction. >> negotiations are making progress moving in the right direction. they haven't closed the deal. >> they haven't closed the deal. what's needed to close the deal? >> there's some issues out there, sticking points. if they replace the sequester cuts there's going to be criticisms for the idea they put in place. one is asking more federal employees to contribute more to their pension programs. this is adamantly opposed by a ot of federal workers. that's one issue. there are also questions about whether you extend unemployment benefits, emergency unemployment benefits. nancy pelosi would like to see part of the package. but that still is a question mark. it's going to cost about $25 billion. then the bigger question is at the end of the day can whatever ryan and murray put together, can it pass the respective chambers? there's still going to be some drama when this comes
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3